What's The Club?

The Sitter Club is a babysitter referral service that makes your life easy.

The Club has two types of members: Families looking for occasional childcare coverage and Sitters looking for work. Families join The Club for access to our roster of top-notch, fully vetted Sitters. Sitters join The Club to connect with great Families all over NYC.

Why join The Club?

Because it’s easy! Through our app, Families post their Sits and we match them with the best, top-notch Sitter for the job. Fams are able to select their favorite Sitters who then get first dibs on their future Sits.

Who are Nic x Syd?

The Sitter Club was founded by two of NYC’s top-notch Sitters. Meet the ladies behind the operation:

Columbus, OH native turned Brooklynite. Self proclaimed comedian. Lover of hip hop. Graduated with a degree in dance from THE Ohio State University. Been rocking the stage since age 3. Fave food: ice cream (although a strict veggie enforcer with the kiddos).

Born & raised in Columbus, OH.
Musical theater aficionado. Certified Drip Castle Expert. Degree in early childhood education from Ohio Dominican University. Can throw together a production of “Mary Poppins” in the living room in under an hour.