Terms & Conditions


The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions under which The Sitter Club by Nic & Syd, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “CLUB”) will assist an individual user (hereinafter referred to as the “FAMILY”) in the recruitment of babysitters as childcare providers (hereinafter referred to as the “SITTER”).

At any time, the CLUB may modify these terms and conditions. The CLUB will notify the FAMILY of material changes. The FAMILY’s continued use of the services provided by the CLUB after the notification of changes will authorize the acceptance of the changes.

Club Responsibilities

The CLUB is a childcare referral service that agrees to solicit applications, screen and refer qualified persons offering the services of a babysitter. The CLUB will collect detailed information from each prospective SITTER regarding experience, qualifications, expectations and other items relevant for babysitting with the FAMILY. The CLUB will obtain references from a prospective SITTER and will contact at least three of these to determine a prospective SITTER's qualifications and suitability for babysitting with a FAMILY. The CLUB will conduct a background check which includes a nationwide criminal search, social security trace, and a sex offender registry check. Background checks are provided by third party verification services. The CLUB has no control over the accuracy of third party verification services. 

The CLUB will personally interview any prospective SITTER before they are recruited by the FAMILY. The CLUB will disclose to the FAMILY all relevant information in its files for each prospective SITTER presented to the FAMILY for consideration. A detailed file will be provided for each SITTER by way of a Sitter Profile.

Family Responsibilities

The FAMILY agrees to provide accurate, current and complete information to the CLUB regarding its expectations for a SITTER and the terms and conditions of babysitting. In addition, the FAMILY agrees to be interviewed by the CLUB, either in person, by telephone, via email, through the portal or through the app. The FAMILY will be responsible to create an account and they will not allow any other party to access it. The FAMILY is required to use their account for its intended purpose. Any information provided by the CLUB may only be used for the purpose of the initial request. The FAMILY is responsible for the protection of their password and account login. The FAMILY is responsible for all activities that occur under their account. The FAMILY may not use information obtained by the CLUB for the purposes of circumventing or attempting to circumvent the CLUB’s booking services, including for the purpose of avoiding any fees due to the CLUB. If a FAMILY is learned to have circumvented the CLUB’s booking services without consent from the CLUB, the FAMILY will automatically be charged a nonrefundable $500 placement fee to their credit card on file.

The FAMILY accepts the responsibility whether or not to recruit a SITTER referred by the CLUB. By making an offer to recruit a SITTER, the FAMILY agrees and understands:

By using the services provided by the CLUB, the FAMILY is stating they are at least 18 years of age, and no members of the household have/has never been convicted, or is currently pending trial for, any felony, any criminal offense involving violence, abuse, neglect, fraud or larceny, or any offense that involves endangering the safety of others, and have/has not been and is not currently required to register as a sex offender with any government entity.

Limitation of Liability

The FAMILY accepts the responsibility for making a decision to recruit or not recruit a SITTER referred by the CLUB. At the time a request for a SITTER is made, the FAMILY agrees that all background and screening work is complete and satisfactory. The FAMILY agrees that all information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed.

The FAMILY understands and agrees that a SITTER has no employment relationship with the CLUB. It is the responsibility of the FAMILY to check the information the CLUB has provided about a SITTER. The CLUB does not guarantee the performance of a selected SITTER or the accuracy of information provided by a SITTER or their references. 

Because the CLUB is a referral and screening service, not an employment agency, the FAMILY agrees to surrender their right to sue or pursue other charges against the CLUB or its principles. The FAMILY is responsible for taking all reasonable precautions prior to recruiting a SITTER. The FAMILY agrees to release and hold harmless the CLUB from all liability for claims, suits, injuries, losses, harms, damages and/or deaths that they deem a result from the recruitment of a SITTER referred by the CLUB. The FAMILY assumes all risks.


The FAMILY will pay a booking fee, plus a service fee, each time a SITTER is booked to work with the FAMILY. If the FAMILY is using the CLUB for anything other than occasional babysitting requests, the CLUB will provide pricing upon request. The CLUB reserves the right to waive any and all fees.

If a FAMILY contacts a SITTER outside of the portal or app without knowledge and consent of the CLUB, the FAMILY will automatically be charged a nonrefundable $500 placement fee to their credit card on file.


At any time and for any reason, the CLUB may terminate or suspend the FAMILY’s account. If a FAMILY’s account has been terminated, they may not register again without written consent from the CLUB.

The FAMILY may terminate or suspend their account at any time. The FAMILY is responsible for contacting the CLUB if they would like to terminate or suspend their account.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Once the FAMILY and a SITTER confirm a scheduled booking, there will be no refund for the booking fee if the FAMILY cancels within 48 hours of the scheduled start time. The SITTER is putting their time on hold. The CLUB kindly asks the FAMILY, if the FAMILY cancels the booking, please consider paying the SITTER 50% of what would have been owed if the booking was not canceled. The CLUB strives to create a fair environment for both the FAMILY and a SITTER.

If a SITTER cancels a scheduled booking or if a SITTER fails to arrive for a scheduled booking, the CLUB will do everything in its power to find the FAMILY a replacement. If no replacement is available for the FAMILY, the CLUB will not charge the FAMILY a booking fee.

The CLUB understands circumstances arise that cannot be changed and cancellations will happen. The CLUB will take each case into consideration and may choose to refund or credit any booking fees.


The Sitter Club by Nic x Syd, LLC is a babysitter referral and screening service that strives to match top-notch Sitters with great Families. As a potential Sitter, you must provide truthful and honest information and documentation in order for The Club to complete the vetting process.

Once accepted and invited to join The Sitter Club, a Sitter must agree to:

Strike Policy

3 strikes, you’re out.

We are very reasonable and understanding at The Sitter Club. However, Strikes include, but are not limited to:

If a Sitter receives 3 Strikes they will be removed from The Sitter Club. 

Families agree that they will not contact Sitter Club Sitters without our permission. If a Family contacts you outside of The Sitter Club to set up a Sit, they are stealing from our services. Reminder: if a Family is shady with us, they will inevitably be shady with you somewhere down the line.

A Sitter is not an employee of The Sitter Club. A Sitter agrees that they will not assert any claims or institute any legal proceedings against The Sitter Club arising out of the services rendered to them on behalf of The Sitter Club. All Sitter payment comes directly from the Families they choose to work with. A Sitter is responsible for managing their own taxes. While we do research each Family, we do not run a formal background check and the Sitter chooses to babysit at their own risk. The Sitter agrees to release and hold harmless The Club from all liability for claims, suits, injuries, losses, harms, damages and/or deaths that they deem a result from working with a Family referred by The Sitter Club.