How it works

Fill out an application to tell us about your Fam.
Gain access to all of our top-notch Sitters.
Start booking Sitters for date nights and more!

Pricing & Fees

Membership fee
Once your Family application is complete, an annual membership fee of $100 will be due.
Booking fee
Each time you book a Sitter, a $25 booking fee will be due.
Sitter payment
All Sitter payment comes directly from you, the Family. We recommend a rate of $18-22 per hour.

Refunds & Cancellations

Once a Family books a Sit and is matched with a Sitter, there will be no refund for the booking fee. If a Family must cancel a scheduled Sit, The Sitter Club kindly asks the Family to consider paying the scheduled Sitter at least 50% of what would have been owed if the booking was not canceled. The Sitter Club strives to create a fair environment for both Families and Sitters.