Frequently asked questions

Where do you find your Sitters?

Most of our Sitter referrals come from our current Sitters. Have we mentioned how great they are?! We have teachers, artists, comedians, college students, grad students, nurses, and so much more. Our Sitters never cease to amaze us with the wonderful things they are doing in this world. 👏👏👏

What’s the Sitter vetting process like?

Our vetting game is strong. A potential Sitter must check all of the boxes: impressive resume, stellar references, nail the interview, & pass the background check. If we decide that they are top-notch Sitter Club material, we offer them a spot in The Club.

How long does it take to find a Sitter?

It depends on the details provided. Just know that we are here to help you with any situation. If you need a Sitter in 30 mins and we happen to have an available Sitter in the area, we got you! Obviously, the more notice we have, the better (but we love a challenge 😉).

Help! We’re tourists. Can a Sitter watch my kid at a hotel?

Yep. Email us. Our Sitters will have your kiddos drinking coffee, wearing all black, & complaining about the MTA in no time. Kidding. Unless that’s what they’re into.

What are the Sitters’ rates?

We have nothing to do with Sitter payment. But, our Sitters’ rates begin at $20 per hour and all Sitter payment comes from the Families they work with.

Do you have Sitters for Full-Time? Part-Time? Vacation?

The majority of our Sitters are looking for occasional work. Depending on the season, we may have Sitters looking for Part- & Full-Time work. We always have Sitters ready to travel with your Fam.

How did Nic x Syd meet?

In a faraway land, called Ohio, on the first day of Kindergarten...we’ve been BFFs ever since.